Sunday, January 8, 2012

summer-- i mean winter

Living in wonderful Southern California means I've never really experienced winter the way winter is supposed to be.  And this winter vacation didn't fail.  Instead of snow, or even rain, it was a nice seventy-five degree average the whole break.  Yep, welcome to California.  So while everyone else in the world was playing in the snow, snuggling by the fire, and drinking bucket loads of cocoa, us lucky Californians were tanning at the beach and cranking up the A/C.

Because my younger sister, Rachel, is the little photographer that she is, we went down to Santa Monica with two of our friends for a little photo shoot.  Waking up before the normal eleven o'clock winter vacay alarm clock, we teased our hair like no other and put on lots of beach clothes and... fur.  Yep, fur.  I love fur.  I must say it was quite the experience, especially in Santa Monica.  Everywhere we went people were giving us weird looks and staring, but I'm kind of used to it always modeling for my sister.  The whole experience was a lot of fun and the pictures came out amazing.  I'm kind of obsessed with them actually.

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