Thursday, January 26, 2012


Recently I've decided that I love to wear black and white.  That might seem strange to you if you know me personally because you would then know that I tend to wear lots of flowery colors and have a very boho/indie sense of style.  But I just look to wear the classics, and I somehow manage to make it work with my style and make it look classy.  I like it call it Classy Boho!
I think the key to looking classy is the proper us of black and white.  What's classier than black and white?  Pale pink? Maybe.  Black and white is so clean and crisp and always looks good together no matter what so therefore, it's classy.  Sometimes, people wear black and white to hide from fashion, but really black and white is probably one of the most fashionable mixtures of color out there.  Think Coco Chanel-- all black and white-- one of the worlds most popularly known designers.  Black and white can do so much for a person.  It can make you look ten years older if you're young like me, or ten years younger if you've been alive for longer than thirty years.  Black and white is the magic in fashion.  It's the basis for everything.  Black and white is simply exquisite.

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