Thursday, January 5, 2012


Oh New Year's Eve, you never cease to disappoint me.  You'd think that I'm now a senior in high school, I'd actually have a successful New Year's Eve but no.  First of all, I've never had a New Years kiss which is pretty lame if you ask me.  Second of all, this year's New Year's Eve marked my one year anniversary of being single because last year I dumped my boyfriend on New Year's Eve.  (Now I realize how incredibly cruel that was, but hey, it had to happen!)  I mean, this year was a hell lot better than last year, but it still didn't meet the expectations I have for New Year's Eve.  This year I went to a friend's party and it was fun.  I really enjoyed getting to spend time with friends but all we did was play games and socialize.  My dream New Year's would be to dance the night away... That sounds so wonderful.  I'm not complaining about the party, because I did have a good time!  I love my friends and I love hanging out with them and I wouldn't trade them for the world I just really wanted to have a New Year's like the movies.  Oh well!  But on the plus side, I wore the most amazing outfit ever!  I seriously can't get enough of my outfit, and that's probably really weird, but like as you'll get to know... I'm obsessed with clothes.  Like seriously, I can't get enough.  Also, I must say my friends weren't looking to shabby either that night!  We were all looking super fine, too bad that we couldn't have flaunted our hotness more.  But it's okay because I'm posting the pictures here so more people can appreciate the fashion of the evening.

**you can obsess more about fashion with me by reading my best friend and mine's fashion blog here**

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