Tuesday, November 13, 2012

finals week~

TWO MORE DAYS OF MY FIRST QUARTER OF COLLEGE!! Like what the heck, how did I get this old?  Like, in three more classes I'll be done and on my way to Caribbean paradise for ten days.  (P.S. I'm super duper extremely excited!!!)  But seriously guys... design class tonight, (skipping speech tomorrow because I already did my final speech), a drawing critique and a design critique/final on Thursday!  And that's it!

Thursday night my family will get here, which I'm surprisingly really excited about!  I can't wait to show them around Savannah and then head down to Florida to leave for our Disney Cruise!  Excited doesn't even begin to explain my emotions right now.

I am so thankful I only have two days left because I'm not sure if I'd be able to stand it here for another day after that.  As much I love everyone here, I need my space and I need to get away from certain personalities.

I am so ready for Winter Break.

Home to LALA-Land
Los Angeles for the rest of break!

Seriously guys, I'm so excited

Saturday, November 3, 2012

college life!

So, I'm in college now.  I live in Georgia.  I spend my days in the studio drawing and designing and the evenings eating and sleeping.  Basically my life is consumed with art and thats about it.  When I'm not in class I'm exhausted and normally feeling pretty sick. (I'm pretty sure its from inhaling so much charcoal throughout the week.)  Since I haven't written in forever (except for my last two posts) I need to fill y'all in!  Yeah, I said y'all.

look at my cool life:
usual photoshoots for Legit Fashion by the mailboxes in my dorm

me and my roomie/bestie Vicotira walking through charming Savannah like the first week of school

not so typical school supplies.... basically had to sell my kidneys for all this

I'm like really obsessed with this piece of art in the courtyard of the SCAD Museum of Art... its just so adorable

my drawing classroom. i love it. more than anything... except on the weekends when I have to go in for homework

Hannah, Victoria and I... a classic roomie pic!

my first design project! a mandala representing me and my hometown-- Los Angeles, the city of angels

Basically we're best friends now. Not sure what i'd do without this freak.

(hate the vertical pics but whatever) We went to the exhibit opening party for Andre Leon Talley and Marc Jacobs... it was magical, so many beautiful pieces by so many designers.

more dresses. seriously, these were some of my favorites. so simple and perfect

I drew those.  Hold the applause please.

My amigo Jacob and I.  We were matching... totally planned but still really legit.  He's probably one of my favorite people here just saying.

This is me being pretty.  I really like this picture of myself.  I'm allowed to like pictures of myself.  K cool.

I don't think words can describe how much my stomach and I adore this sandwich.

Caught the Red Route and had it all to myself on a Monday afternoon!!! Miracles do happen!

My self portrait was put on the wall in the Drawing Building!  My professor said it was one of the best ones so I'm really proud of it if you couldn't tell by my super happy face(s)!

Halloween costume shopping...... Feeling super foxy (hehe get it?!) and super hipster.

Victoria and I in the dorm.  Way too cool for real life~

I love all the graffiti us scaddies put everywhere.  I love all the art... but I hate it when SCAD makes us pay for it in our tuition.  

Victoria and I on Halloween!  We dressed up as the SCAD non-existent bowling team. GO BEES!

Me, Vic, Alex and Mike on Halloween.  They're our neighbors.  Super cool dudes.

We managed to get ourselves locked out of our dorm on Halloween.  Seriously we can't remember our room keys for the lifes of us.

Cereal.... basically a food group itself.

Had to leave for class in like 3 minutes, but I wanted to get dressed up like a cheetah so I did. Welcome to SCAD, y'all!

Panera dinner bestie date.  There was a super cool hippie van parked out front so we took a mirror pic~

Jacob and me as cats the night me and Vic took his Chick-fil-a viriginity.

We attempted to go to the gym... but of course it was closed, so we pathetically sat in a square and dramatically listened to music.

miss my room

so, i looking at my old posts and came across my post called mySpace >>here<< and I realized 1) how much cooler of a life I had when I had a camera and 2) how much i miss my room.  seriously, like i miss my cave.  it was so puuuurty.

this is what i'm missing right about now....
my flowers.... i miss being surrounded by flowers

my bed... i miss my blankets and ugly zebra print pillows... i miss the fluffiness and warmth

strangely i really miss my bathroom.  i miss my wall of fashion inspiration and my window. i miss all my art work hanging in there and my candles and little jars.  i miss the pattern on the window. omg i miss it guys, this is so pathetic

hi again

hi, I haven't posted here in a while and last time you heard from me I was a poor little high school student who hated life.  Well, here I am... a college student, Georgia resident (sorta, I just live here), a world traveler (ok, only Spain), and still as Caroline as ever.  Like I said, I did go to Europe.  I only made it to Spain but it was the best decision of my life.  The trip cliché-ly changed me.  Literally, I flew from Los Angeles to Spain by myself and spent a whole month in a country where I barely spoke the language.  Of course, I was staying with my best friend so it was the best time ever, but while I was there, I learned a whole freaking lot about me and my place in this big badass world.  I'm not sure if I can put it into words, but I definitely thing I grew up a whole lot and changed a whole lot from that whole experience.  I would go back to that month in a heartbeat.... thinking about Spain makes my heart hurt because I love it so much.

Speaking of things that have changed me.... COLLEGE.  Yeah, as you all should know since you've all read my "about me" (right... right?), I'm currently away at college at SCAD!!!  Living so far away from home and living on my own have definitely changed me.  I definitely have a whole different type of love for my family back home.  Literally haven't talked to my mom this much about personal problems since like junior high.  I've definitely changed.  I can't describe it.  Just read my blog and you'll see it.

here are some pics from spain because well.... i love spain and i love you

Elisa, me and Paula (like my besties) in Sol on my first night in Madrid!  It was 2 am... crazy life

our super touristy day when we took the tour bus around the city.  i loved this street... there was the store where i bought all my souvenirs and a really good traditional bakery.  it was so enchanting.  it was also like 500 degrees 

Paula and I being rock stars in Barcelona 

ok, this picture was when we were in LA before we went to Paula's house in Madrid, but I absolutely adore this picture

Me and Pau (Paula, duh) in Sagovia aka Genovia from the Princess Diaries.... we were super tribal and trendy that day

Me and Pau and our cute butts at El Retiro park... we road around in those little boats on the lake

Me and Eli (Elisa, duh) on one of the super cute boats at the park... reppin our homeland (well mine and he new one) LA!!!!!!

Pau and I being rock stars once again on a roof top over Madrid on my last night in the country :(

Pau and I infront Sagrada Familia in Bareclona... basically like the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  we had tapas at a cute little cafe across the street...... such a lovely afternoon

Honestly, take me back to Spain.  I can't live in America anymore.
I'm being really dramatic right now.