Tuesday, November 13, 2012

finals week~

TWO MORE DAYS OF MY FIRST QUARTER OF COLLEGE!! Like what the heck, how did I get this old?  Like, in three more classes I'll be done and on my way to Caribbean paradise for ten days.  (P.S. I'm super duper extremely excited!!!)  But seriously guys... design class tonight, (skipping speech tomorrow because I already did my final speech), a drawing critique and a design critique/final on Thursday!  And that's it!

Thursday night my family will get here, which I'm surprisingly really excited about!  I can't wait to show them around Savannah and then head down to Florida to leave for our Disney Cruise!  Excited doesn't even begin to explain my emotions right now.

I am so thankful I only have two days left because I'm not sure if I'd be able to stand it here for another day after that.  As much I love everyone here, I need my space and I need to get away from certain personalities.

I am so ready for Winter Break.

Home to LALA-Land
Los Angeles for the rest of break!

Seriously guys, I'm so excited

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