Saturday, November 3, 2012

college life!

So, I'm in college now.  I live in Georgia.  I spend my days in the studio drawing and designing and the evenings eating and sleeping.  Basically my life is consumed with art and thats about it.  When I'm not in class I'm exhausted and normally feeling pretty sick. (I'm pretty sure its from inhaling so much charcoal throughout the week.)  Since I haven't written in forever (except for my last two posts) I need to fill y'all in!  Yeah, I said y'all.

look at my cool life:
usual photoshoots for Legit Fashion by the mailboxes in my dorm

me and my roomie/bestie Vicotira walking through charming Savannah like the first week of school

not so typical school supplies.... basically had to sell my kidneys for all this

I'm like really obsessed with this piece of art in the courtyard of the SCAD Museum of Art... its just so adorable

my drawing classroom. i love it. more than anything... except on the weekends when I have to go in for homework

Hannah, Victoria and I... a classic roomie pic!

my first design project! a mandala representing me and my hometown-- Los Angeles, the city of angels

Basically we're best friends now. Not sure what i'd do without this freak.

(hate the vertical pics but whatever) We went to the exhibit opening party for Andre Leon Talley and Marc Jacobs... it was magical, so many beautiful pieces by so many designers.

more dresses. seriously, these were some of my favorites. so simple and perfect

I drew those.  Hold the applause please.

My amigo Jacob and I.  We were matching... totally planned but still really legit.  He's probably one of my favorite people here just saying.

This is me being pretty.  I really like this picture of myself.  I'm allowed to like pictures of myself.  K cool.

I don't think words can describe how much my stomach and I adore this sandwich.

Caught the Red Route and had it all to myself on a Monday afternoon!!! Miracles do happen!

My self portrait was put on the wall in the Drawing Building!  My professor said it was one of the best ones so I'm really proud of it if you couldn't tell by my super happy face(s)!

Halloween costume shopping...... Feeling super foxy (hehe get it?!) and super hipster.

Victoria and I in the dorm.  Way too cool for real life~

I love all the graffiti us scaddies put everywhere.  I love all the art... but I hate it when SCAD makes us pay for it in our tuition.  

Victoria and I on Halloween!  We dressed up as the SCAD non-existent bowling team. GO BEES!

Me, Vic, Alex and Mike on Halloween.  They're our neighbors.  Super cool dudes.

We managed to get ourselves locked out of our dorm on Halloween.  Seriously we can't remember our room keys for the lifes of us.

Cereal.... basically a food group itself.

Had to leave for class in like 3 minutes, but I wanted to get dressed up like a cheetah so I did. Welcome to SCAD, y'all!

Panera dinner bestie date.  There was a super cool hippie van parked out front so we took a mirror pic~

Jacob and me as cats the night me and Vic took his Chick-fil-a viriginity.

We attempted to go to the gym... but of course it was closed, so we pathetically sat in a square and dramatically listened to music.

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